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Wairoa District

What is profile.id

Wairoa District Community Profile

What is profile.id?

profile.id is a comprehensive socio-demographic profile of the Wairoa District and its suburbs / small areas. The Community Profile presents results from the 2018, 2013 and 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings.

The Community Profile enables analysis of population characteristics for different geographic areas and includes historical data to show how they have changed over time.

The Wairoa District Community Profile has been developed as a website linked to your Council website for ease of access by staff and the community, it can also be accessed directly at:

Wairoa District

What information is included?

Wairoa District Community Profile is structured around four main questions. Within each of these, more detailed information is presented.


  • Population
  • Service age groups
  • Five year age groups
  • Single year of age


  • Ethnic groups
  • Māori descent
  • Birthplace
  • Languages spoken
  • Religion
  • Overseas arrivals


  • Qualifications
  • Field of qualifications


  • Smoking behaviour


  • Employment status
  • Industries
  • Occupations
  • Method of travel to work

Unpaid work

  • Unpaid work


  • Individual income
  • Individual income quartiles
  • Household income
  • Household income quartiles
  • Sources of household income


  • Family types
  • Household types
  • Household size


  • Dwelling type
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Telecommunication access
  • Number of cars

Housing tenure

  • Tenure overview
  • Housing rental payments
  • Housing rental quartiles

Migration profile

  • Migration summary
  • Migration by location

Journey to work

  • Workers' place of residence
  • Residents' place of work

Deprivation index

  • Deprivation index

For which geographic areas?

The Wairoa District Community Profile provides comprehensive data for the following geographic areas:

Small Area
  • Mahia
  • Maungataniwha - Tuai
  • Nuhaka - Whakaki
  • Raupunga
  • Ruakituri-Morere - Frasertown
  • Wairoa
  • Benchmarks
  • Hawke's Bay Region
  • Gisborne Region
  • New Zealand
  • Mahia
  • Maungataniwha - Tuai
  • Nuhaka - Whakaki
  • Raupunga
  • Ruakituri-Morere - Frasertown
  • Wairoa
  • How can I access Wairoa District Community Profile?

    The Wairoa District Community Profile can be accessed via the Wairoa District website or at: