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Census 2018

Census changes

On 23 September 2019 Stats NZ delivered an initial 2018 Census data release. The release of new Census data is always an exciting – and occasionally anxious – time. So what’s interesting about the 2018 Census?

  • Changes to the Census questions will give us access to new or altered data.
  • A major review to the statistical geographic area standard (ie the geographies in which the Census data is collected and supplied).
  • StatsNZ have implemented the use of administrative data sources to address lower than expected Census response rates.

How do I find 2018 Census data on this Community Profile?

Data is being updated progressively across the site as it become availble. Topics that have been updated can be identified via a green icon in the left-hand menu.

We are working closely with our partners at StatsNZ to ensure we new data is available as soon as possible.

To hear about data updates as they happen, sign up to .id's Product Updates.

Geography changes

Please note that updated topics use a new – and different – geography. Small areas on Territorial sites are now based on SA2s (standardised statistical areas defined by Stats NZ). As a result, pages that have been updated with 2018 data will show the new, SA2-based geographies, while pages that have not yet been updated will continue to show the old small areas. Be aware that your selected small area may change when switching between pages with and without 2018 data.

The map at the bottom of this page shows how the old and new small areas compare. (Note that Regional Council sites – whose small areas are Territorial Authorities – are not affected by this change and will not show a comparison map.)

Where can I learn more?

  • Visit the StatsNZ site for all the latest on their work with the 2018 Census.
  • .id has published an eBook entitled Worth the wait: a simple guide to navigating the 2018 Census. Click here for your free copy.
  • See the blog post about Stats NZ's initial Census data release from Penny, our NZ client manage
  • Read the initial report from the 2018 Census External Data Quality Panel.


If you'd like to learn more, please contact as on info@id.com.au or contact your client manager directly.

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