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Migration by age

In 2018, the age group with the highest net migration to Ruapehu District was persons aged 60 to 69 years.

The age structure of people who move into and out of Ruapehu District is strongly influenced by the residential role and function of the area and can influence demand for particular services. For instance, inner city areas near employment, education and entertainment tend to attract many young people in their late teens and early twenties, who move out in their late twenties and thirties to start families in suburban areas. Rural areas tend to lose young people and gain older families and retirees.

Understanding Ruapehu District's attraction to different age groups helps to plan services for the community as well as advocating with other levels of government and private enterprise to provide infrastructure, employment opportunities and facilities which may help to retain age groups which are otherwise leaving the area.


Derived from the Census questions:

Where do you usually live?' (sourced from the 2013 Census).

Migration by age group 2018
Ruapehu District Council
Age groupIn migrationOut migrationNet migration
5 to 11 years+189-228-39
12 to 17 years+69-228-159
18 to 24 years+189-354-165
25 to 34 years+318-378-60
35 to 49 years+336-381-45
50 to 59 years+204-165+39
60 to 69 years+159-102+57
70 to 84 years+57-81-24
85 years and over+0-00
Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings 2018. Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.
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