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Māori descent

In 2018, 360 people or 17.1% of the population in Riverview identified themselves as having Māori descent.

A person has Māori descent if they are of the Māori race of New Zealand; this includes any descendant of such a person. The term "Māori descent" is based on a genealogical or biological concept, rather than on cultural affiliation to the Māori ethnic group. Information on cultural affiliations, or ethnicity, is collected in the census question on ethnic group. It is important to view this question in conjunction with the question about Ethnicity as some people who have Māori ancestry may not identify themselves ethnically as Māori .

Riverview's Māori descent statistics should be viewed in conjunction with Ethnicity data, Languages Spoken and Religion statistics to provide a more complete picture of the Māori population.

Please note: The 2018 Census utilised past Census data and statistical imputation to improve the response rate for this variable, there is a reduction in the "Not Stated/Not Elsewhere included" rate in 2018, and comparisons with earlier years may in some cases reflect this methodology change rather than real world change. See Stats NZ’s DataInfo+ for specific information on what this rating means and recommendations for use.


Derived from the Census question:

'Are you descended from a Maori (that is, did you have a Maori birth parent, grandparent or great-grandparent etc)?'

Māori descent
Descent typeNumber%Far North District %Number%Far North District %2013 to 2018
Māori descent36017.150.525514.340.6+105
No Māori descent1,71081.146.91,38077.242.8+330
Don't know391.82.6362.02.2+3
Not stated / included------1176.514.4-117
Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings 2013 and 2018. Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.
Stats NZ data quality rating: High
Please refer to specific data notes for more information

Please note that in the 2018 Census, where data are not provided, responses are sourced from administrative datasets, in line with the procedures developed by Statistics New Zealand to supplement the 2018 dataset. Due to this, there is no "Not Stated / included" category in 2018, and users should use caution when comparing to earlier Census years.

Dominant groups

Analysis of the Māori descent statistics of the population in Riverview in 2018 shows that there were 360 people who identified themselves as having Māori descent and 1,710 of people who identified themselves as having no Māori descent.

Overall, 17.1% of the population identified themselves as having Māori descent, compared with 50.5% for Far North District

Emerging groups

The number of people identifying themselves as having Māori descent increased by 105 between 2013 and 2018.

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