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Welcome to the Wellington City Community Profile

The Wellington City Estimated Resident Population for 2013 is 200,000, with a population density of 6.89 persons per hectare.

Wellington City is the capital of New Zealand.

The Wellington City Community Profile provides demographic analysis for the City and its suburbs based on results from the 2013, 2006 and 2001 Censuses of Population and Dwellings. The profile is updated with population estimates when Statistics New Zealand releases new figures.


The Social and economic impacts of higher education


In the 2013 census 37.5% of the Wellington population over the age of 15 had a tertiary degree. Compare that result against Queenstown in distant second place with 22%. Auckland lies third with 21.9%. How does higher education affect the economy and socio-demographic characteristics of an area?

This community profile is just one of a family of demographic resources available for this area and other areas across New Zealand. You can be confident using them for planning, research and advocacy as they are compiled and maintained with the latest data by population experts, .id. Access them online in the Demographic Resource Centre.