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Thames-Coromandel District

Individual income quartiles

In the Thames-Coromandel District, the 'medium lowest' income quartile was the largest group in 2013, comprising 37.1% of people aged 15+.

The Thames-Coromandel District's income statistics are an indicator of socio-economic status. With other data sources, such as Household Income, Educational Qualifications and Occupation, they help tell the story of the area's economic opportunities and socio-economic status. Individual income levels are not comparable over time because of the influences of economic change such as wage level fluctuations and inflation. The income quartile method is the most objective method of comparing change in the income profile of a community over time.

A detailed explanation of how Individual Income quartiles are calculated and interpreted is available in specific data notes.

Derived from the Census question:

'From all sources of income identified, what will the total income be that you got yourself, before tax or anything was taken out of it, in the 12 months that will end on 31 March 2013?'

Persons aged 15 years and over

Individual income quartiles
Thames-Coromandel District20132006Change
Quartile groupNumber%Waikato Region %Number%Waikato Region %2006 to 2013
Lowest group4,52022.724.44,67524.124.5-155
Medium lowest7,40637.126.46,57433.826.0+832
Medium highest4,84524.325.84,75124.525.7+94
Highest group3,17015.923.43,42517.623.8-255

Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings 2006 and 2013. Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.

Individual income - Quartile group dollar ranges
Calculated from income data for New Zealand Annual income by Census year
Individual quartile ranges
Lowest group $0 to $12,824 $0 to $11,397 $0 to $8,902
Medium lowest $12,825 to $28,474 $11,398 to $24,402 $8,903 to $18,544
Medium highest $28,474 to $52,637 $24,402 to $42,449 $18,544 to $34,732
Highest group $52,637 and over $42,449 and over $34,732 and over

Individual income quartiles, 2013
Individual income quartiles, 2013 Highest group, Waikato Region: 23.4% Medium highest, Waikato Region: 25.8% Medium lowest, Waikato Region: 26.4% Lowest group, Waikato Region: 24.4% Highest group, Thames-Coromandel District: 15.9% Medium highest, Thames-Coromandel District: 24.3% Medium lowest, Thames-Coromandel District: 37.1% Lowest group, Thames-Coromandel District: 22.7%
Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings, 2013
Compiled and presented by .id, the population experts.
Change in individual income quartiles, 2006 to 2013
Change in individual income quartiles, 2006 to 2013 Highest group, Thames-Coromandel District: -255 Medium highest, Thames-Coromandel District: +94 Medium lowest, Thames-Coromandel District: +832 Lowest group, Thames-Coromandel District: -155
Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings, 2006 and 2013
Compiled and presented by .id, the population experts.

Dominant groups

Income quartiles allow us to compare relative income-earning capabilities across time. Analysis of the distribution of the population by income quartile in Thames-Coromandel District compared to the Waikato Region shows that there was a lesser proportion of persons in the highest income quartile, as well as a lesser proportion in the lowest income quartile.

Emerging groups

The most significant change in Thames-Coromandel District between 2006 and 2013 was in the medium lowest quartile which showed an increase of 832 persons.

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