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Deprivation index

In 2013, Cannons Creek North had the highest deprivation score of 1,238.0 and Endeavour - Resolution the lowest with 865.0.

The Social Deprivation Index is a measure of socio-economic status calculated for small geographic areas. The calculation uses a range of variables from the 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings which represent nine dimensions of socio-economic disadvantage to create a summary deprivation score. The nine variables (proportions in small areas) in decreasing weight in the index are:

1CommunicationPeople aged <65 with no access to the Internet at home
2IncomePeople aged 18-64 receiving a means tested benefit
3IncomePeople living in equivalised* households with income below an income threshold
4EmploymentPeople aged 18-64 unemployed
5QualificationsPeople aged 18-64 without any qualifications
6Owned homePeople not living in own home
7SupportPeople aged <65 living in a single parent familiy
8Living SpacePeople living in equivalised* households below a bedroom occupancy threshold
9TransportPeople with no access to a car

* Equivalisation: methods used to control for household composition.

For the purpose of comparison, the Social Deprivation Index is presented as a scale, ranking small areas from the least deprived to the most deprived. The mean is 1000 index points and the higher the number the greater the deprivation.

The Social Deprivation Index is used in the measurement and interpretation of socioeconomic status of communities for a wide variety of contexts such as needs assessment, resource allocation, research and advocacy.

Note that the deprivation index applies to areas rather than individuals who live in those areas.

For the index, a lower the number indicates a less deprived area, a higher number indicates a more deprived area.

Social Deprivation Index, 2013
Cannons Creek North1238.00
Cannons Creek East1200.00
Cannons Creek South1186.00
Elsdon-Takapūwāhia – Porirua Central1141.00
Porirua East 1124.00
Titahi Bay South - Mana Island 1074.00
Titahi Bay North 1056.00
Ascot Park1053.00
Porirua City1010.00
Rānui Heights1004.00
Onepoto 1003.00
Wellington Region973.00
Plimmerton 917.00
Pukerua Bay 910.00
Paremata - Postgate 909.00
Pāuatahanui – Paekākāriki Hill906.00
Mana-Camborne - Inlet-Porirua Harbour901.00
Aotea – Papakōwhai898.00
Endeavour - Resolution 865.00
Social Deprivation Index, 2013
Social Deprivation Index, 2013 Cannons Creek North, Deprivation Index: 1,238.00 Waitangirua, Deprivation Index: 1,228.00 Cannons Creek East, Deprivation Index: 1,200.00 Cannons Creek South, Deprivation Index: 1,186.00 Elsdon-Takapūwāhia – Porirua Central, Deprivation Index: 1,141.00 Porirua East , Deprivation Index: 1,124.00 Titahi Bay South - Mana Island , Deprivation Index: 1,074.00 Titahi Bay North , Deprivation Index: 1,056.00 Ascot Park, Deprivation Index: 1,053.00 Porirua City, Deprivation Index: 1,010.00 Rānui Heights, Deprivation Index: 1,004.00 Onepoto , Deprivation Index: 1,003.00 Wellington Region, Deprivation Index: 973.00 Adventure, Deprivation Index: 921.00 Plimmerton , Deprivation Index: 917.00 Pukerua Bay , Deprivation Index: 910.00 Paremata - Postgate , Deprivation Index: 909.00 Pāuatahanui – Paekākāriki Hill, Deprivation Index: 906.00 Mana-Camborne - Inlet-Porirua Harbour, Deprivation Index: 901.00 Discovery, Deprivation Index: 899.00 Aotea – Papakōwhai, Deprivation Index: 898.00 Endeavour - Resolution , Deprivation Index: 865.00
Source: University of Otago, 2013. Compiled and presented by .id, the population experts.