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Carterton District

Notes - geography

Census geography

Census data are available at a variety of different geographic levels, for example, Region; Territorial Authority; Area Unit and Meshblock (a small local unit of 10-100 households). Often Census data geography doesn't match actual 'communities', 'suburbs' or 'service catchments' needed for effective decision making. While individual meshblocks are small enough to be very useful, only limited data are available at this detailed level, and they need to be aggregated into higher level meaningful units.

The Community Profile provides population data for the Carterton District and associated suburbs/localities, aggregated from Meshblocks for the Census years: 2013, 2006 and 2001.

Carterton District geography

The suburbs and localities in the Community Profile tables are aggregations of whole 2013-Census meshblock geography. While the meshblocks used to collect Census data in 2006 and 2001 differed a little from these, Statistics NZ have concorded the older datasets to the most current meshblock boundaries.

Suburbs and small areas are defined such that they contain a minimum of 11 meshblocks and 543 people in every Census year. This avoids any complications caused by confidentiality rules imposed by Statistics NZ. They are designed to match official suburb/locality boundaries as close as possible, and represent geographic areas which people can relate to on the ground. They have been agreed to with the local authority as representing logical communities within the area.

The small areas used in do NOT necessarily match up to Statistics NZs “Area Unit (AU)” boundaries, though some may coincide. Some will be larger than Area Units, while others will represent a more detailed breakdown within Area Unit boundaries. Some areas may cross Area Unit boundaries.

The Carterton District has 3 small areas:

Location of Carterton


Carterton is bounded by a line running parallel to Kent Street in the north, the locality of Te Wharau in the east, Portland Road and Dalefield Road in the south, and Lincoln Road and the locality of Mount Holdsworth in the west.

Location of Mount Holdsworth - Waingawa

Mount Holdsworth - Waingawa

Mount Holdsworth - Waingawa is bounded by the Masterton District and the Waingawa River in the north-east, Dakins Road, East Taratahi Road, State Highway 2, the locality of Carterton, Lincoln Road, Dalefield Road and State Highway 2 in the south, the Waiohine River in the south-west, and the Kāpiti Coast District in the west.

Location of Te Wharau

Te Wharau

Te Wharau is bounded by East Taratahi Road, Dakins Road, Te Whiti Settlement Road and the Masterton District in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the east, the South Wairarapa District in the south, and State Highway 2, Portland Road, the locality of Carterton and State Highway 2 in the west.